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Anonymous said: Are you guys still a band?

I think eric and connor and joe are going to keep going on or something. but I am no longer going to be playing in Ages. I am focusing my attention on my new project Dark Spring, listen to it here- www.darkspring.bandcamp.com

astralxocean said: do you guys know when the tapes are shipping out?

I personally dont. I would ask Pushing Daisies Records

Anonymous said: Who is standing in the shadow of the Rest YourHead cover?

Some jerk

Anonymous said: Why doesn't the vinyl of Rest Your Head have Scorched Earth on it?

It wouldn’t fit time-wise and was the most straightforward song so we decided it would be digital only.

meloncrawly said: Is there a show this Friday at Music Millenium? I'm going to Portland from Florida tomorrow and I'm looking at local shows and such and would like to see y'all

No, we’re not playing in Portland Friday. I wish we were.

Anonymous said: when are you announcing tour dates?


"Rest Your Head" - Ages (2014)


Cleveland Ohio’s Ages has just released a new 7” titled “Rest Your Head.” The record is out via Mayfly records on wax in a very limited quantity. A link to where you can purchase a physical copy can be found below.

Ages newest release follows up their debut full-length “Sleep On It.” “Rest…

Anonymous said: What other bands are you guys in?

Jo plays drums in Cruelster and Shape Confuser

Airick plays guitar and sings in Heart Attack Man and drums in The Drag Hook 

I make music under the name Jymptom 

Airick, Carson, and I played in Ghost Breeder, which hasn’t been active in a while

Jo and I played in Setbacks

Jo and Airick played in Trespasser

We’re all in a band called Dweller that plays once in a while

Jo and I started a band called Sunmouth. We played our first show last week are recording a demo soon


I’m sure I’m forgetting something

Anonymous said: Hey boys, any chances that there will be a cassette release for Rest Your Head?

We self-released some last summer that didn’t have the official artwork and there were only like 25, so we should maybe do some with the official artwork, we shall see. Good question, anonymous, thank you.